Gaspipe, the Dripper and other black world denizens

An article by William B. Scott in Air and Space Magazine describes the chills and thrills of black aircraft chasing at Edwards AFB (above) and Area 51.

These closing comments are particularly relevant to Mirage Men. ‘UFO stench’ though… phew, that’s harsh!

Groom Lake has also been rumored to hide captured alien spacecraft and their big-eyed, little gray-guy crews. Those convinced that unidentified flying objects come from other worlds are just as convinced that some are hidden in Groom’s hangars. I’ve never seen anything to support that notion.

However, it’s clear to me that the UFO phenomenon is used to protect the base’s deepest secrets. I once was advised that if I wanted clues about real-world classified aircraft projects, I should read the supermarket tabloids. If a hiker spotted a new airplane during a test flight near Groom and talked about it openly, the story might appear in one of the tabloids—although wrapped in a wild tale, complete with grainy photos of flying saucers and alien beings. I once asked a Groom test pilot whether tainting classified-aircraft sightings with the UFO stench was ever done intentionally. He smiled and replied: “It’s worked for 50 years. Why would we change now?” Without question, black-world operators have become masters of such deception to protect their work. As a result, Groom Lake will likely retain its secrets for a very long time.

Read the full piece here

[Thanks David Clarke for the heads up!]


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1 Response to Gaspipe, the Dripper and other black world denizens

  1. Frank says:

    Hey it’s a story from the future (Sept 1, 2010) . . . something is going on there.

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