‘An absolute must-read for believers and skeptics alike’ Booklist, Journal of the American Library Association

Mirage Men occasionally devolves into conspiracy-mongering… but ultimately it is persuasive’ Joshua Blu Buhs, Washington Post

‘A simply fascinating read – an alternative viewpoint of UFOs that no truth seeker should miss’ James Carrion, former MUFON International Director

‘An objective, cautious and very readable insight into the US UFO scene… whether you agree with Mark’s conclusions or not, you will enjoy the journey and come to realise that the closer you get to the source of these stories the more the whole phenomenon takes on a mythic dimension.’ David Clarke, author of Flying Saucerers: A Social History of UFOlogy

‘The book is not as bad as some make it to be.’ Captain Robert M. Collins (USAF, Ret.), author of Exempt from Disclosure.

‘Weaving together hard research, evocative reportage, and a playful sense of disenchantment, Mark Pilkington convincingly peels back the enigmatic surface of the UFO without falling into the trap of the smug debunker. A model Fortean study of a squirrelly field, wonderfully told.’ Erik Davis, Progressive Radio Network

‘The narrative gets the balance between real-world investigative hijinks and historical exposition just about right, and the style is snappy and brisk enough to keep those pages turning… Pilkington’s conclusions are admirably open-minded.’ Gyrus, Dreamflesh

‘A fantastic amount of material… Mirage Men builds a comprehensive theory which takes some beating [and] does it in a highly readable and entertaining way.’ David Hambling, Fortean Times.

‘Mirage Men is one of the most important books in ufology today‘ Norio Hayakawa

‘A switchback through an over-amplified world of disinformation, intelligence agents as trickster figures and fantastically unhinged paranoia… Mirage Men is that rare thing, a well researched and carefully written non-fiction book that will make you laugh out loud.’ Stewart Home, 3am Magazine

‘Pilkington leads us into a hall of mirrors where the shadowy intelligence officers may be the deluded fantasists, and the craziest ufologists may be the ones guarding the biggest secrets. As the rug of reality is pulled repeatedly from under our feet, one thing becomes clear: the standard narrative, in which governments and the military are concealing the existence of extraterrestrials, is the opposite of the truth. Mirage Men turns the baffling world of UFOs and their investigators into a master key for decoding the twentieth century’s dreams and nightmares.’
Mike Jay, author of The Atmosphere of Heaven, The Air Loom Gang.

‘a wry confessional in the manner of Nick Hornby, a kind of Fever Pitch with geeks. Then things take a turn for the peculiar…’
James Lovegrove, Financial Times

‘A fascinating read and an essential addition to the library of any self respecting UFO researcher… Skeptics and believers alike will find much to challenge their faith, while those with an objective approach will find the book both entertaining and informative.’ Lee Nicholson, Open Minds Forum

‘One of the most important UFO-themed books you’ll ever read… Ufology, and the people in it, need a shake-up now and again and Mirage Men most assuredly delivers.’ Nick Redfern, author of Body Snatchers in the Desert, Memoirs of a Monster Hunter.

This book gives what is virtually an alternate history of the modern UFO phenomenon, and one which will turn on its head many of our current assumptions about how the American government (and probably others) interacted with it.’ John Rimmer, Magonia.

‘Very well written and compulsive reading. The story is labyrinthine and will blow peoples’ minds…’ Andy Roberts, author of Albion Dreaming: A popular History of LSD in Britain

‘Enthralling and disturbing… Mirage Men does an excellent job of bringing UFOs down to earth; but, in the final analysis, it is also open-minded enough to admit that room for the impossible remains, and that genuinely astonishing, paradigm shattering truths may yet remain to be discovered out there.’ Al Robertson

‘An incredible, complex, fascinating story… I loved it’. Jon Ronson, author of The Men Who Stare at Goats

‘It’s a provocative, informative, freaky, entertaining, and often damn funny book.’ David Pescowitz, Boing Boing

‘Totally absorbing – I couldn’t put it down . . . it reads like a thriller, or a really good ghost story.’ Andrew Smith, author of Moondust

‘SF readers will find it as fascinating as I did… informative as well as hugely entertaining.’ Lisa Tuttle, The Times

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  1. Robert M. Collins says:

    ‘The book is not as bad as some make it to be.’ Captain Robert M. Collins (USAF, Ret.), author of Exempt from Disclosure.

    Well, Ed Mitchell of Apollo 14 fame would agree. He stated to this author that what’s in the EfD matches what his own sources tell him. Way too much distorted information out there trying to discredit the book.

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