Mistakes are annoying – I’ll correct them here, and perhaps one day there’ll be a revised edition of the book. Please let me know of any that you find. Thanks!

Page numbers refer to UK edition:

p.74 ‘Wailing Soul’ should be Wandering Soul (as mentioned in following para)

p. 150 ‘Kevin’ Bigelow should be Robert Bigelow.

p. 174 ‘pubic’ relations should be ‘public’ relations (arghhh!)

p. 213 ‘motherload’ should of course be ‘motherlode’.

p.248 Brown discovered the propulsion effects generated by ‘ionised electrons’ – a bit of a tricky one this. I suspect I originally wrote ‘by ionised electrodes’, but even this isn’t quite right and I think it ought to be ‘ionisation surrounding electrodes’.

p.261 ‘three inches in diameter’ should be ‘three centimetres in diameter’

p. 294 ‘Edik’ Mitchell should of course be Ed(gar) Mitchell.

p. 319 Andrew ‘Brown’ should be Andrew Rowe (sorry Andrew!).

1 Response to Errata

  1. Charles Smith says:


    Love the book Mark! It’s so enthralling that it’s taken me no time at all to ge through it. Shame about the mistakes though :p (only kidding).

    I found this mistake on pg 254
    “Or they wouldn’t be able to, if the the whole thing hadn’t been….”

    Kind regards,

    PS- When is the documentary coming out, I’m really looking forward to it?

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