Them and the Thing

‘A science fiction film featuring astronomer Sir Patrick Moore has been unearthed, more than 50 years since it was filmed in the grounds of an Irish country estate. Them and the Thing was the work of aristocrat Desmond Leslie, a UFOlogist and amateur film-maker who was friends with Sir Patrick.

It was filmed in the mid-1950s at Castle Leslie in County Monaghan, three years before Sir Patrick began presenting The Sky at Night, one of the world’s longest-running TV shows.’

Full story at the BBC – thanks Ross Macfarlane!

Desmond Leslie is a fascinating figure and instrumental in the development of the UFO story. He of course wrote half of 1953’s Flying Saucers Have Landed with contactee George Adamski, recorded one of the UK’s first music concrete albums, Music of the Future, and in 1962 punched Bernard Levin, live on television, on This is the Week that Was!

Meanwhile, Patrick Moore, champion xylophonist and the nation’s favourite astronomer (just ahead of Queen’s Brian May), has long been suspected as being the true face of Cedric Allingham, Britain’s answer to George Adamski and author of 1954’s  Flying Saucer from Mars (above). The discovery of the Leslie/Moore film can only add further weight to these not-exactly-damaging allegations…

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