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Iranian space tech brought down US drone?

 [AFP] In a topical variant of the super-weapon myth discussed in Mirage Men,  an Iranian scientist with a background in nuclear reactor technology claims that the US RQ-170 drone, allegedly brought down over Iran on 4 December 2011, was captured … Continue reading

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Japanese spherical drone

With material costs of about £1000 per unit, this incredibly maneuvrable UAV could make for a great surveillance tool or perhaps an upmarket big boys’ toy. I wonder if it might be related to the spherical flying somethings that I … Continue reading

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Gaddafi in spaaaace?!!

The militarisation of space, or at least near-Earth space, has long been a matter of serious concern for warhawks and peaceniks, and has given rise to a number of conspiracy theories of the sort that got Gary McKinnon into so much trouble. … Continue reading

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Remote control flying saucers

With all the wow and flutter this past few days about Iran’s alleged flying saucer design, I thought it worth reminding readers of just two of the many active flying saucer projects, miniature or otherwise, being worked on around the … Continue reading

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Real UFOs: Mystery Missile?

Interesting to note the sober tone when the media, and the Pentagon, are confronted with a genuine UFO mystery. From the Guardian: The US defence department today said it was trying to determine whether a missile was launched yesterday off … Continue reading

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Duck! It’s the Discopter…

Alexanger Weygers (1901-1989) initially trained as an engineer in the Netherlands before moving to America in 1931, where he began to make a name for himself as a sculptor in California. In 1941 he joined the US Army and worked … Continue reading

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Under the radar: Airgeep

First flown in 1958, this is the wonderful US Army Airgeep. {NB Apologies for lack of regular posts at the moment, but I’ve been very busy with another project. I’ve got a stack of fascinating Mirage Men related material to … Continue reading

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The Fresto Air Ray

Words fail… And they come in USO flavour too: [Via UK UFO list]

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Gaspipe, the Dripper and other black world denizens

An article by William B. Scott in Air and Space Magazine describes the chills and thrills of black aircraft chasing at Edwards AFB (above) and Area 51. These closing comments are particularly relevant to Mirage Men. ‘UFO stench’ though… phew, … Continue reading

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The Unblinking Eye

A constant feature  of UFO reports is that the objects appear to demonstrate technological characteristics and flight capabilities that are just around the corner from familiar, contemporary technologies. They also often seem to borrow from popular fiction. In the late … Continue reading

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