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Iranian space tech brought down US drone?

 [AFP] In a topical variant of the super-weapon myth discussed in Mirage Men,  an Iranian scientist with a background in nuclear reactor technology claims that the US RQ-170 drone, allegedly brought down over Iran on 4 December 2011, was captured … Continue reading

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Japanese spherical drone

With material costs of about £1000 per unit, this incredibly maneuvrable UAV could make for a great surveillance tool or perhaps an upmarket big boys’ toy. I wonder if it might be related to the spherical flying somethings that I … Continue reading

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Gaddafi in spaaaace?!!

The militarisation of space, or at least near-Earth space, has long been a matter of serious concern for warhawks and peaceniks, and has given rise to a number of conspiracy theories of the sort that got Gary McKinnon into so much trouble. … Continue reading

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Remote control flying saucers

With all the wow and flutter this past few days about Iran’s alleged flying saucer design, I thought it worth reminding readers of just two of the many active flying saucer projects, miniature or otherwise, being worked on around the … Continue reading

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Real UFOs: Mystery Missile?

Interesting to note the sober tone when the media, and the Pentagon, are confronted with a genuine UFO mystery. From the Guardian: The US defence department today said it was trying to determine whether a missile was launched yesterday off … Continue reading

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Duck! It’s the Discopter…

Alexanger Weygers (1901-1989) initially trained as an engineer in the Netherlands before moving to America in 1931, where he began to make a name for himself as a sculptor in California. In 1941 he joined the US Army and worked … Continue reading

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Under the radar: Airgeep

First flown in 1958, this is the wonderful US Army Airgeep. {NB Apologies for lack of regular posts at the moment, but I’ve been very busy with another project. I’ve got a stack of fascinating Mirage Men related material to … Continue reading

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