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Marketing the saucers, Mirage Men style

March 1950: was the USAF testing the limits of belief with a far-out flying saucer lecture at a Colorado University? Continue reading

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Star over Jerusalem

Seeing as this video’s making waves [I even had Channel Four News on the phone asking about it this morning] I thought I’d throw my tuppence into the ring. Much as I’d like this to be evidence of something – … Continue reading

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Interplanetary Competitiveness Forum

Back in the 1950s the Space Brothers who came to Earth often espoused socialist values,  piquing the interest of the FBI and others orgs. Welcome to the 21st century, where things have changed a little bit… From the Global Competitiveness Forum World … Continue reading


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Julian Assange on UFOs

In a live discussion with Guardian readers, beleaguered Wikileaks frontman Julian Assange had this to say on the subject of Wikileaks and UFOs, a subject that I’ve blogged about in the past: “Many weirdos email us about UFOs or how they discovered that they … Continue reading

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Real UFOs: Mystery Missile?

Interesting to note the sober tone when the media, and the Pentagon, are confronted with a genuine UFO mystery. From the Guardian: The US defence department today said it was trying to determine whether a missile was launched yesterday off … Continue reading

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The Fresto Air Ray

Words fail… And they come in USO flavour too: [Via UK UFO list]

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Nicholas Roerich’s UFO

On 5 August 1927, the philosopher-artist Nicholas Roerich (left) – who, amongst many other things, designed the sets and costumes for Igor Stavinsky’s infamous first 1913 performance of the Rite of Spring in Paris – was trekking in the Himalayas when … Continue reading

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Top ten UFO books at the Guardian

Guardian Books asked me to compile my ten favourite UFO books. I love many more than ten so it was a tricky task and, as is only right, the selection is more a reflection of my own idiosyncratic interests than it … Continue reading

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Deer diary: an accidental UFO

One day I hope a photographic art gallery will run an exhibition of UFO photos, and if they do, I would want to see this one in it. It captures a moment of pure otherness, the deer staring straight at … Continue reading

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Luminous Owls

‘That luminous Barn Owls have been seen before in the same part of Norfolk is certain… We have it on the best authority – namely, from the man himself – that some years ago Frederick Rolfe, gamekeeper now retired, saw … Continue reading

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