Area 51 Viewers Guide

Between 1994 and 1997,  the brilliant and acerbic Glenn Campbell published The Groom Lake Desert Rat which chronicled the unfolding exposure of what soon became the world’s best known secret non-existent airbase.

The Rat also served as a gossip sheet for tiny Rachel, Nevada, which had suddenly found itself at the centre of a highly strange cyclone, and of the many colourful and unusual characters who were drawn there in search of The Truth.

Campbell also wrote the handy “Area 51” Viewer’s Guide, which told would-be visitors, including myself, everything they needed to know about driving into the middle of the Nevada desert to see nothing much at all.

Crucially, it also contained an essential, detailed and regularly updated user’s guide to the all-you-can-eat buffets available in Las Vegas, your last chance to pig out before Rachel’s sole eatery, the Little A’Le’Inn.

Now, thanks to its author,  you can download the 1995 edition – the same one I took to Rachel in 1995 (and which disappeared in the post when I tried to send it back to the UK) – as a PDF, here.





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