About the blog

Mirage Men is a book by Mark Pilkington (above, in front of the underground alien base at Dulce, New Mexico – photo by Greg Bishop) and a forthcoming film made with John Lundberg.

In this blog Mark will be sharing news, thoughts and ideas relating to the book and the topics discussed within it, announcing events and talks, posting images from our adventures in UFO reality, publishing sections that didn’t make the final edit and who knows what else.

Thanks for visiting, and remember, watch the skies!

About the blogger
Mark Pilkington has written for the Guardian, Fortean Times, Sight & Sound, The Wire, Frieze, The Anomalist and a host of other magazines and journals. His first book, Far Out: 101 Strange Tales from Science’s Outer Edge [UK / US], was published in 2007.

Mark also runs Strange Attractor Press, editing and publishing its occasional Journal, organising events and exhibitions and broadcasting on Resonance FM. When not squinting at words, Mark can be found playing synthesisers and electronic gizmos with musical outfits including Disinformation, The Asterism, Raagnagrok and Urthona. He lives in London, England.

2 Responses to About the blog

  1. Read your Mirage Men book. Why did you not include Pandolfi?

    Second item: Do you know the location of Henry Victorian?

  2. Myr says:

    Great film. The actions of Richard Doty and the AFOSI should come under much more scrutiny from all quarters. I don’t agree with you’re angle that the UFO phenomena is entirely a creation
    of the CIA, but I do think you’ve done a great thing by getting Doty on tape and exposing that multiple government agencies destroyed a good American citizen….Paul Bennewitz.

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