Mark Pilkington and John Lundberg are available to talk about their experiences with the Mirage Men at events anywhere in the world.

mark[at]  // Strange Attractor

john[at] // Circlemakers

4 Responses to Contact

  1. David Owen says:

    Hi Mark

    I really appreciated your talk this afternoon and for having a chat afterwards. Like I said to you I really was at the point of calling it quits until your talk. I went along with an open mind looking to get a few answers to these weird things which are obviously going on but somewhere along the line this field of supposed “scientific” research seems to have taken on a very strong belief connation which I felt strongly this year.

    I felt very much an outsider from the “lunatic fringe” who were throwing out pesudoscience and other fantasies like they were reality ! The difference with your talk was that you had evidence to back it up ! It was ironic because I thought if anybody was going to get lynched it would be you 🙂 but having spoken to the first speaker , Harry Challenger (?), the Aethruius (whatever ?!?) chap seemed to be the most in contention. I’ve ordered the book and perhap you could add me to your mailing list if you’ve got one about any updates. All the best and thanks again

    Dave 🙂

  2. AdrianS says:

    I’ve read Mirage Men and I would highly recommend UFO buffs to read it. I regularly contribute to the Rendlesham Forest UFO forum, and have long been of the opinion that security forces actively participate on the forum for the purpose of disinformation. I believe that the Rendlesham event has an “earthly” explanation, probably along the lines of a pallet of Depleted Uranium A10 tankbuster ammunition came adrift whilst being transported by helicopter and the UFO event was the cover up to recover this sensitive ammunition. But I have no proof of this– the lid is screwed down tight.I really enjoyed reading the Mirage Men, I was in Gran Canaria at the time sat on a sunbed in 28C drinking San Miguel.
    Thanks for writing an excellent book

  3. Eric Hoffman says:

    Mirage Men is quite simply the most fascinating book I’ve read in quite a while. Highly recommended.

  4. barry nelson says:

    I haven’t bought this doc’ yet, but it doesn’t seem much of stretch to explain the facts of UFO Mythology as constructed by the government’s paid Disinfo Industrial Complex, especially after reading authors like Dolan, Good, and Greer. So, the fakers now come forward. Richard Doty: I’ve doubted him since the beginning of UFO time. Does Mirage Men refute anything presented as documented fact at Bassett’s, Citizen’s for Disclosure Hearing, last year? Or in Greer’s doc’ Sirius? If you’re doc doesn’t disprove known, vetted facts, then Mirage Men could look just like the crap on UFO Hunters: another hoax of a hoax, designed to waste time for mere entertainment.

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