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Gaspipe, the Dripper and other black world denizens

An article by William B. Scott in Air and Space Magazine describes the chills and thrills of black aircraft chasing at Edwards AFB (above) and Area 51. These closing comments are particularly relevant to Mirage Men. ‘UFO stench’ though… phew, … Continue reading

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Them and the Thing

‘A science fiction film featuring astronomer Sir Patrick Moore has been unearthed, more than 50 years since it was filmed in the grounds of an Irish country estate. Them and the Thing was the work of aristocrat Desmond Leslie, a … Continue reading

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The Unblinking Eye

A constant feature  of UFO reports is that the objects appear to demonstrate technological characteristics and flight capabilities that are just around the corner from familiar, contemporary technologies. They also often seem to borrow from popular fiction. In the late … Continue reading

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Mirage Men on BBC Radio 4’s Today

Astronomer Ian Ridpath (right), a key investigator into the December 1980 Rendlesham Forest UFO incident, lead myself, Today presenter Evan Davis (centre) and producer Jonathan Harvey deep into the pine woods for what almost became the Blair Witch UFO project. Cue lots … Continue reading

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Fortean Times: ‘Weapons of Mass Deception’ online

Fortean Times magazine has put my article from issue 266 (July 2010) online. It’s a reworked section from the book, discussing what proved to be the turning point in early UFO history – the July 1952 radar ‘sightings’ over Washington … Continue reading

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MOD UFO files reflect impact of US disinformation

[RAF Rudloe Manor, photo by Derek Hawkins] The latest batch of MOD UFO files has been made available at the National Archives, once again sifted through and contextualised by Dr David Clarke, who writes about the new releases on his … Continue reading

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UFOs at the White House

Former Clinton White House staffer John Podesta has written a foreword to a new pro-ET book by Leslie Kean simply called UFO. I’m looking forward to reading it, as it’s based on testimony from American military and government insiders and Kean is clearly … Continue reading

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Whither UFO Wikileaks?

Over at his blog, the  journalist, folklorist and UFO researcher Dr David Clarke asks what ramifications the recent US military document release to Wikileaks might have on the world of ufology: Many thousands, if not millions of people across the … Continue reading

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New Zealand Air Ship strip, August 1909

[Click to see the full page cartoon.] A charming satirical full-page comic strip depicting the New Zealand airship wave of 1909. Here’s an earlier article from the same paper. Perhaps a symptom of an increasingly high-speed global media, the airships were also … Continue reading

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China’s UFOs a sign of economic prosperity?

An economic take on China’s recent UFO flap from Bruce Watson of Daily Finance In 2009, China had 11% industrial growth and, according to China Online Daily, the country is working to achieve an equivalent growth rate this year. Such impressive economic … Continue reading

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