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Fortean Times: ‘Weapons of Mass Deception’ online

Fortean Times magazine has put my article from issue 266 (July 2010) online. It’s a reworked section from the book, discussing what proved to be the turning point in early UFO history – the July 1952 radar ‘sightings’ over Washington … Continue reading


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Animated map of nuclear explosions 1945-1998

This fascinating animation by Isao Hashimoto demonstrates the geographic spread, and frequency, of the 2053 known nuclear detonations around the globe since 1945,  beginning with America’s Manhattan Project and ending in India and Pakistan – North Korea’s 2006 and 2009 tests … Continue reading

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UAVs: The (formerly) Secret History

Mirage Men contains a comprehensive potted history of American UAV development from the 1930s to the present, but if you want the motherlode then the Mitchell Institute has just published an intensely detailed account (PDF download) of the US Air … Continue reading

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US Navy anti-aircraft laser

‘US firm Raytheon unveils its new anti-aircraft laser at the Farnborough Airshow in Hampshire, releasing a video of it shooting down an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) at the US Navy test range on San Nicolas Island off the coast of … Continue reading

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Fortean Times 265: Weapons of Mass Deception

Issue 265 of Fortean Times magazine features a cover article adapted from Mirage Men. ‘Weapons of Mass Deception’ looks at the events leading to and surrounding the great Washington DC UFO flap of July 1952, a turning point in America’s … Continue reading

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From the BBC : The Ministry of Defence has unveiled its prototype unmanned combat air vehicle (UCAV). Taranis is a concept design for a long-range strike plane that has taken over three million man hours to produce. Defence Minister Gerald Howarth said … Continue reading

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Of storks, spies and paperclips

The document below can be found amongst the CIA’s online declassified file collection. Appearing just a couple of weeks after the CIA’s secret Robertson Panel encouraged the Agency to take a keener interest in the phenomenon, it’s a fascinating time capsule … Continue reading

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Thought for the day: Foo Fighter etymology

As anyone who has read a UFO book knows, the name ‘foo fighters’ was given to the balls of light that appeared to tail Allied bombers over Europe during WWII. The lights were a source of some concern for pilots, … Continue reading

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ATOP the heights of an aviation mystery

Flight patches for an experimental aircraft known as ATOP, the Advanced Technology Observation Platform, have been making ripples in the world of the black aircraft enthusiasts.

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When the Reapers come

The following extract from an article about unmanned drones in Pakistan and Afghanistan is a perfect illustration of the ways that technology and folklore can become entwined, and of the psychological power wielded by those with the technological advantage.

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