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Mirage Men control the horizontal…

A classic, not-a-little topical episode of Leslie Stevens’ The Outer Limits, originally broadcast on 30 September, 1963. The story closely echoes the plot of Bernard Newman’s The Flying Saucer, published in 1948 and discussed at some length in Mirage Men. Newman’s … Continue reading


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Mirage Men get Wired

Science and technology writer David Hambling interviewed me recently for… Mark Pilkington’s new book Mirage Men is a dizzying ride through a world of deception, manipulation and psychological warfare by intelligence agencies. Working in the field of UFO phenomena, … Continue reading

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Orfeo Angelucci’s acid test?

One of the wilder stories told in Mirage Men is that of former Agency for International Development translator Bosco Nedelcovic. Nedelcovic claimed that in 1957 he took part in a CIA operation to conduct tests on a Brazilian Farmer, Antonio … Continue reading

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Mirage Men, kindle edition

Mirage Men is now available for Kindle, via Amazon. Meanwhile, I’m reliably informed by a deep insider source that a holographic, three dimensional edition, based on back-engineered ET technology, is coming ‘soon’.

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Dazed and ConUFOsed

Writing about UFOs and disinformation lead me to some places I would never have expected to find myself, but the pages, or web pages anyway, of Dazed & Confused magazine certainly take the biscuit. Actually this interview was a bit different … Continue reading

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Daily Grail interview

Greg Taylor of the excellent Daily Grail paranormal culture site has published a lengthy e-interview with me about Mirage Men.  We discuss many of the issues emerging from the book – how did John Lundberg and I cope with the … Continue reading

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Nick Redfern on ‘Mirage Men’

Staffordshire-born Nick Redfern, now a resident of Dallas, Texas is a one-man fortean tornado, producing a shelf-full of books on everything from UFOs to Britain’s own bigfoot. Over many years Nick has done a fantastic job of digging up obscure … Continue reading

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UFOs at the White House

Former Clinton White House staffer John Podesta has written a foreword to a new pro-ET book by Leslie Kean simply called UFO. I’m looking forward to reading it, as it’s based on testimony from American military and government insiders and Kean is clearly … Continue reading

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Whither UFO Wikileaks?

Over at his blog, the  journalist, folklorist and UFO researcher Dr David Clarke asks what ramifications the recent US military document release to Wikileaks might have on the world of ufology: Many thousands, if not millions of people across the … Continue reading

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We have lift off

Thanks to everyone for making last night’s launch party such a great occasion, especially: – Jill Tipping for the amazing flying saucer cake (pictured left at the launching ceremony) – Roger and Alex at the Horse Hospital (John Lundberg and … Continue reading

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