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UFOs at the White House

Former Clinton White House staffer John Podesta has written a foreword to a new pro-ET book by Leslie Kean simply called UFO. I’m looking forward to reading it, as it’s based on testimony from American military and government insiders and Kean is clearly … Continue reading

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New Zealand Air Ship strip, August 1909

[Click to see the full page cartoon.] A charming satirical full-page comic strip depicting the New Zealand airship wave of 1909. Here’s an earlier article from the same paper. Perhaps a symptom of an increasingly high-speed global media, the airships were also … Continue reading

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Couldn’t help noticing this in the new Beat Books catalogue: ‘”CIA-UFO” (Pink Floyd at the UFO Club). By HAPSHASH & THE COLOURED COAT. Original split-fountain silkscreened psychedelic poster, 1967 (OA 114). Depicts naked woman pulling a fairytale city through the … Continue reading

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On John Keel

Mirage Men is dedicated to the memory of John Keel (above), author of fortean classics Jadoo,  The Mothman Prophecies, UFOs: Operation Trojan Horse, Our Haunted Planet and numerous other books, including some risqué fiction, under assumed names. Keel was first and foremost … Continue reading

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Thought for the day: Foo Fighter etymology

As anyone who has read a UFO book knows, the name ‘foo fighters’ was given to the balls of light that appeared to tail Allied bombers over Europe during WWII. The lights were a source of some concern for pilots, … Continue reading

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The Abuses of Enchantment at SELFS, London 8 July

I will be giving a talk entitled ‘The Abuses of Enchantment’ at the fantastic South East London Folklore Society next Thursday, 8 July. It’s a spin-off talk from the book that looks at various incidents of documented and speculative folklore abuse … Continue reading

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Martian bees: a matter of observation

From the UK Metro, 18 April 2010: Bumble bees as big as ‘flying mice’ have been spotted by nature lovers across the country, it has been claimed. But there is no need to worry, experts say, because they are probably not as … Continue reading

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When the Reapers come

The following extract from an article about unmanned drones in Pakistan and Afghanistan is a perfect illustration of the ways that technology and folklore can become entwined, and of the psychological power wielded by those with the technological advantage.

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