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Behold, the real Men in Black

This footage, and its lively voice over, is what I believe to be the first appearance of the Men in Black (MIBs) on camera. The MIBs of course are the sinister, omniscient silencers who show up to question UFO witnesses … Continue reading

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Saucer Country

Saucer Country is a new comic book series written by Paul Cornell, drawn by Ryan Kelly and published by Vertigo. Arcadia Alvarado, the leading Democratic candidate for President of the United States, says she was “abducted by aliens.”As the Mexican-American … Continue reading


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Mr Janus: The spaceman who came to tea

…in addition to being disturbed by the realization that Janus was reading his mind, he was even more disturbed by the fact that this extraordinary man ‘knew all Britain’s top-secret nuclear secrets’…. [Horsley was convinced that] they come from another … Continue reading

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Return of the Montana mootilators?

Disturbing cow mutilation evokes past Montana mysteries Pondera County is a historic hotspot for mutilated cattle. About 15 such cases were reported in 2001 and 2002 in the county, and another five were reported in the neighboring counties of Cascade … Continue reading

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RAND, Superstition and Psychological Warfare

‘What types of superstitious appeals will be best adapted to the various audiences to be propagandised?… A study of local supserstitions as relected in popular folk lore might be profitable in providing answers to these questions.’ When they weren’t designing … Continue reading

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Our Space Age, 1967

Over at his excellent John Keel blog, Doug Skinner has posted a series of wonderful comics called Our Space Age. This one seems entirely appropriate to Mirage Men. Writes Doug: written by Otto Binder and illustrated by Carl Pfeufer, was distributed by … Continue reading

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Mirage Men of Dune

[artwork by John Schoenherr] After reading here about the Wandering Soul Steve Dewey, co-author of an excellent history of the Warminster UFO saga, In Alien Heat, emailed me to point out the uncanny similarities between the mirage men – PSYOPS … Continue reading

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Luminous Owls

‘That luminous Barn Owls have been seen before in the same part of Norfolk is certain… We have it on the best authority – namely, from the man himself – that some years ago Frederick Rolfe, gamekeeper now retired, saw … Continue reading

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Them and the Thing

‘A science fiction film featuring astronomer Sir Patrick Moore has been unearthed, more than 50 years since it was filmed in the grounds of an Irish country estate. Them and the Thing was the work of aristocrat Desmond Leslie, a … Continue reading

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Stranger at the Pentagon

Following on from my last post, here’s UFO author Frank Stranges discussing Valiant Thor – the Pentagon’s in-house Venusian advisor:

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