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Orfeo Angelucci’s acid test?

One of the wilder stories told in Mirage Men is that of former Agency for International Development translator Bosco Nedelcovic. Nedelcovic claimed that in 1957 he took part in a CIA operation to conduct tests on a Brazilian Farmer, Antonio … Continue reading

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Vietnam’s Wandering PSYOPS Souls

Out of the night sky came an ominous, warbling whine, like bagpipes punctuated with cymbals. It was Buddhist funeral music – a dissonant dirge cascading from the darkness. Then a snatch of dialogue between a mother and child: “Mother, where … Continue reading

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Gaspipe, the Dripper and other black world denizens

An article by William B. Scott in Air and Space Magazine describes the chills and thrills of black aircraft chasing at Edwards AFB (above) and Area 51. These closing comments are particularly relevant to Mirage Men. ‘UFO stench’ though… phew, … Continue reading

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‘Like Sleepwalking While Awake’

The Strange Story of Sally Hartman : a┬ásad 1950s tale of the CIA-out-of-control, LSD and… UFOs. In Mirage Men I touch upon the possibility that some early UFO encounters, particularly the case of Antonio Villas Boas, ‘Abductee Zero’, and perhaps … Continue reading

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