Iranian space tech brought down US drone?


In a topical variant of the super-weapon myth discussed in Mirage Men,  an Iranian scientist with a background in nuclear reactor technology claims that the US RQ-170 drone, allegedly brought down over Iran on 4 December 2011, was captured using his own ‘advanced space technology’.

It’s unclear whether Mehran Tavakoli Kashe’s technology also informed the Iranian flying saucer programme, but the engineer is adamant that there is no space technology in the world to compete with his own.

On his web site, Keshe reports (via the  Pure Energy Systems News site, dedicated to exotic technologies):

By allegedly harnessing a fusion reaction that manipulates dark matter, regular matter, and antimatter, [Keshe] claims to have developed technologies that rival those in science fiction. As we reported last April, Keshe claims that years ago he gave the Iranian military his technology in order for them to produce flying saucers; and the alleged Iranian flying saucer that had popped up in the news last March was a result of that. He had offered it to NASA, but they poopooed it. 

In a recent lecture in Belgium, Keshe stated that his technology was capable of producing:

  • Extremely fast speeds that would allow for rapid travel through the solar system and beyond. A round trip to Mars, with a stop at the moon, would take a few days.
  • Deflector fields that can destroy tiny particles that could impact and destroy a vehicle traveling at high speed.
  • Friction removal, so there is no effect from environmental friction as the vehicle travels through the atmosphere.
  • Inertial damping so that the occupants of a craft would not feel accelerations.
  • Force fields that can block space radiation.
  • Artificial gravity so that the occupants would be able to live and work just like they do on Earth, without having to worry about the effect of weightlessness on their body.
  • Invisibility or cloaking technology.
  • Replicators or the ability to turn energy into food and water
  • Healing technology to address injuries or sickness that might arise.

Keshe states:

I have explained again and again that the Keshe Foundation and Iranian spaceship program has the capability of radar blockage and capture of material in airborne condition.. The Islamic republic of Iran has the capability of capture and landing of any flying object irrespective of their size and speed as seen with capture of one of the most advanced flying crafts in these above videos and the request of so called the most advanced nation on earth for its toy back

Like many outsider scientists working on controversial free energy programmes, Keshe claims to suffer regular harassment from ‘various governments and organisations’.

Keshe explains some of his ideas on his web site, including this cola bottle plasma reactor – a universe in a bottle.


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3 Responses to Iranian space tech brought down US drone?

  1. Steve Edward says:

    Kind of explains why U.S. has stopped talking about attacking Iran. The U.S. would get their ass whipped before they even fired a shot.

  2. zazuge says:

    how strange …
    seems like the iranians are becoming more and more like the enemies they hate with passion
    He Who Fights Monsters …. (Iran now interven like america in other states internal affairs …etc)
    maybe the iranians finaly understood the usefuleness of UFO inspired disinformation to covert threaten and subvert enemy intel and morals
    I hope whats behind the veil isn’t a more sinister thing

  3. najib says:

    wonderful…washington,paris nd tel aviv have to sit down with tehran,acknowledge their advances in science nd teknology nd work with them to improve the world..not getting bothered in issues of bias! grow up! RECOGONIZE IRAN ND WORK TOGETHER..

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