Pinochet buzzed by UFO?

One for the very interesting if true dept, from Inexplicata:

Mexico’s NOTIMEX news agency published an interesting news item yesterday: a statement by Spanish UFO researcher / novelist J.J. Benítez suggesting that former Chilean strongman Augusto Pinochet’s estancia was visited by a UFO on September 6, 1986. 

The object hovered over the property and was seen by “the General and all of the Police forces,” said Benitez…“A day before the coup attempt against General Pinochet, a UFO hovered over his estate and was seen by all the Police forces, his entire escort, the Carabineros – everyone, both inside and out. Weapons were drawn and bedlam ensued.”

The next day

…a commando raid by elements of the FPMR group (Frente Patriótico Manuel Rodríguez) ambushed the dictator’s motorcade as it traveled through the Cajón del Maipo region outside the capital city of Santiago. Five escorts were killed during the attack, and Pinochet himself sustained injuries.

What did the UFO look like?
Was it a portent of the changes to come?
A warning from the Mirage Men?
A Soviet drone sent to sow fear and confusion before the FPMR strike?
Or is it a plotline for a new novel from Benítez?


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2 Responses to Pinochet buzzed by UFO?

  1. steveash says:

    A UFO was seen over Oakland recently, and one at the Fukiyama plant I believe? Typical for time traveling historians 😉

  2. enriquep says:

    Coming from Mr J.J. Benítez, and considering that (as you say) the source is a “very interesting if true Dept.”… there is no doubt: The story has no interest at all 😉

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