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Gaddafi in spaaaace?!!

The militarisation of space, or at least near-Earth space, has long been a matter of serious concern for warhawks and peaceniks, and has given rise to a number of conspiracy theories of the sort that got Gary McKinnon into so much trouble. … Continue reading

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Remote control flying saucers

With all the wow and flutter this past few days about Iran’s alleged flying saucer design, I thought it worth reminding readers of just two of the many active flying saucer projects, miniature or otherwise, being worked on around the … Continue reading

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Mirage Men on Boing Boing!

A great short write-up from David Pescovitz over at the mighty Boing Boing! I first met my friend Mark Pilkington, the UK journalist and publisher of Strange Attractor Press, a few years ago when he was visiting San Francisco researching a … Continue reading

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