Star over Jerusalem

Seeing as this video’s making waves [I even had Channel Four News on the phone asking about it this morning] I thought I’d throw my tuppence into the ring.

Much as I’d like this to be evidence of something – whether that’s an exciting new military toy, an alien spacecraft or The Truth and Light of The World returning to lead humankind to salvation – I’m confident that it can be filed away in the ‘too good to be true’ drawer as a crafty hoax.

It’s an unfortunate truth that the clearer a UFO video, the more likely it is to be fabricated, and I don’t think we’ve yet seen anything to counter this rule of thumb.

What’s clever about this new Jerusalem footage, however, is that it responds directly to some of the usual criticisms of such material:

– The video is clear and the camerawork is reasonably stable
– The ‘UFO’ is simply that, an unidentified light in the sky (that happens to be hovering over one of the most contested religious sites in the world), and not a retro flying saucer or a Predator’s RV
– The light behaves somewhat according to pre-established UFO behaviour patterns as defined by multiple witness reports over the years
– We see footage of the event shot from different perspectives (as neatly demonstrated by the split screen version above), thus providing the appearance of multiple witnesses. Though if this UFO event really did happen so dramatically and visibly, I would expect to see more footage emerging – CCTV for example.

So why do I think it’s a craftily constructed fake?

For all the above reasons, and because the light itself is poorly matched to its backgrounds – it’s too crisp, luminous and clearly defined, for example, if I can be technical for a moment, it doesn’t leave proper fuzzy trails – even the trails that we can see are sharply defined. There’s nothing organic about the way the UFO and its setting are integrated with one another, they have come from two different sources.

On a narrative note I also think that the American woman’s voice talking about seeing similar things in Mississippi is a little heavy handed on the humour.

I’m happy to be proved wrong and learn that the End Times are upon us (though I wouldn’t be happy about that, more unpleasantly surprised), but I fear that in this instance we’re looking at a well-executed and creative hoax, one that is sure to generate the desired buzz amongst the UFO community, and may even have repercussions in the debate over the site itself.


Reader Robert Dee comments:

that first image is a still with camera shake added to it and the blob comped [composited MP] on top, most likely in After Effects [Adobe video special effects software MP]. You can tell because the lights are static despite camera movement and there is no parallax movement (perspective change) on the moves/zoom – look at the edges of buildings at different distances which don’t change. There is also no camera noise and the image noticeably degrades on the “zoom” like it would do if you were moving a virtual camera into a still in After Effects.


There are now apparently four videos online! How many, I wonder, are ‘video responses’ to the first?


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13 Responses to Star over Jerusalem

  1. Robert Dee says:

    As much as I’d like to welcome our new insect overlords, that first image is a still with camera shake added to it and the blob comped on top, most likely in after effects. You can tell because the lights are static despite camera movement and there is no parallax movement (perspective change) on the moves/zoom – look at the edges of buildings at different distances which don’t change. There is also no camera noise and the image noticeably degrades on the “zoom” like it would do if you were moving a virtual camera into a still in After Effects.

  2. AdrianS says:

    Absolutely conclusive proof of a visitation by ET!
    Nah only joking. I smell a rat ( add I know what they smell like as I used to keep a huge black & white pet rat).
    I think you would really want to interview mutiple witnessess unconnected to get behind this one

  3. Luther Blissett says:

    This video maybe faked – but the fact it situated over the volatile Temple Mount area is spooky (in both senses of the word). It’s like faking a UFO over the White House, even if it’s fake it still has larger geopolitical ramifications.

    Is this Israel ‘counting coup’ on a contested religious area? A guerrilla viral advertising campaign (it does follow in the wake of the ufo-focused Global Competitiveness Forum)? Religious propaganda (the Raelians put out a press release almost immediately)? Inspired pranksters of the crop circle variety (complete with a rash of imitators)?

    Does this have any relation (political or otherwise) to December’s Israeli Army Radio report of a “unmanned” “hovering” object intercepted and shot down when it approached the equally sensitive Dimona nuclear plant?

    I used to ignore UFOs because the ET hypothesis was simply too far fetched but ‘Mirage Men’ has shown me how much Fortean/Parapolitical weirdness this field really has. PAX

  4. Steve Ash says:

    Its stinks of CGI or something lol

    A group of us played with some remote viewing after and just saw sharp images of the Bahai centre in Haifa (but probably completely irrelevant, though has led me off on an interesting tangent!). The American voices seem to be a give away as the potential hoaxer I would say!

  5. Winston says:

    Regardless of whether any of the videos are real, it’s frustrating that they are presented here out of order, and you may notice that the discussion is quite different on other forums. This demonstrates the way that putting a crude hoax first in the line-up colors the discussion. You’ve placed the third video, an obvious hoax, on the top of the page, followed by the first video . There are two other corroborating videos that you mention briefly, but the most attention is given to the obvious hoax, as if it has any bearing on the others. Why not discuss more directly the ones that are most compelling, and throw out the one that is most suspicious?

  6. motley says:

    still at present all guess’s .Educated guess’s but just nevertheless guess’s

  7. Steve Ash says:

    Its a good advert for adobe After Effects though

  8. Joe C says:

    I admire your sensible and rational analysis. I too would love it to be real, and I do believe that UFOs are real, but the simple fact is that there are plenty of people in that area at any given time, and being such a recognizable and important landmark a good number of them would be looking at it at any given time, for the same reason it’s at least plausible that some hick from Miss would be taping it.

    There’d actually be like 30 videos uploaded to YouTube already, and most of them would have people saying charming things like “Holy s#!t balls! F**k!!!!!!!” It would have been the leading story on Israeli news that night, considering that hundreds of people would have been almost directly under it and it wouldn’t have been a light in the sky to them, it would have been a giant craft hovering over their heads (and surely within the view of CCTV cameras as was pointed out).

    Very well done though. I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if it turned out to be viral marketing for ‘Battle of Los Angeles’ or something. Or maybe just a lark. Someone’s gotta be enjoying a good smirk over it right now though 🙂

  9. Ray Grasse says:

    The skeptics have been saying for years that the movies and photos that have come out have all been fuzzy and unconvincing, and there ought to be better visual evidence by now. So, better visual evidence comes out–and what is the response?

    “It’s an unfortunate truth that the clearer a UFO video, the more likely it is to be fabricated…”

  10. AdrianS says:

    But with modern camera phones and small digital camers with video facility you would expect more footage. More to the point there should be a lot of witnesses not filming the event, that should come forward and say that this was “weird”. but usually it does not happen For this footage if we had 30 independent witnesses saying I saw what was on the footage and I couldnt beleive it , I would be excited

  11. terry the censor says:

    the youtube channel HOAXkiller1 is the one-stop shop for demonstrations that all the Jerusalem vidoes are manipulated fakes, as many here have guessed already.

  12. Luther Blissett says:

    It is not the ‘fake or true?’ aspect of these videos that intrigues me but the ‘who and why?’ And new videos of this ‘event’ just keep coming and coming –

    A Google Trend analysis of the term “jerusalem ufo” shows that Herndon, Virginia is the city with the most searches – nearly double the next closest city.

    Herndon is an intrinsically ‘spooky’ place being both a CIA town ( states that “The Herndon building is identified as a CIA facility, and was constructed concurrently with NCTC HQ, and it may be part of the NCTC or another operation”) and part of the Dulles Technology Corridor “Netplex”.

    Someone is having fun with this one – even if it’s only the cosmic trickster…

  13. deano says:

    It is now mid 2013 & the original video by “Eligael” has been backed up by FIVE different vid/camera angles, including CCTV weather camera(Israeli govt) & an incredible close-up video showing clearly the underside view of the UFO with revolving lights & a “crop cirle design”!!!
    In all the vids apart from the fake their is a double flash & then red lights in the sky above. Some show moving vehicle headlights & the bright illumination on the dome itself.
    The conspiracy to me is – who made the fake one so quickly? & why was this the one shown the most by mainstream media?
    The american womans tourist voice-over “we get them in Mississipi all tha time” is an obvious tactic of ridicule by redneck association. Pilgrim tourists dont take photos at 1am in the morning! But locals & teenagers out partying would.
    The powers that be obviously could sense that this would have had lots of witnesses, so by the De-bunkers rule book, if one video is fake, they all must be fake…
    Have another look at all the now found vids:> camera angles all corelate, the UFO actually moves across the dome, brighter light on face of dome, moving vehicle headlights, image on CCTV captured, close inspection of the phone camera held by man in front shows image, & finally, the close-up image is probably the best UFO image ever caught & you would need to be a CGI expert to reproduce the revolving lights & the shadows/brightness they create.
    Has anyone noticed when UFO reports are made by network TV, the X-Files or Twilight Zone creepy music plays in the background, & the reporters usually joke around > Ridicule!
    Has anyone ever noticed you very rarely see crop-circles, physical marks on abductees, or actuall close views of cattle mutilations, human implants, live NASA footage? Look up Operation Mockingbird. P.S. 9/11? Look at Operation Northwoods, sec 8 a/b (Even in Wikipedia)

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