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The Abuses of Enchantment: October Gallery, London

In the first of several talks I’m due to give this year, I’ll be presenting an updated version of The Abuses of Enchantment at the October Gallery as part of their excellent Ecology, Cosmos and Consciousness series, programmed by Dr … Continue reading

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Wikileaks vs UFO Disinformation?

When the first mention of UFOs in the tranche of diplomatic papers unveiled by Wikileaks proved to be less than explosive, the ufological rumour machine went into interstellar overdrive with a wackyleak of its own, released on 17 January via ‘Allnewsweb’: … Continue reading


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Star over Jerusalem

Seeing as this video’s making waves [I even had Channel Four News on the phone asking about it this morning] I thought I’d throw my tuppence into the ring. Much as I’d like this to be evidence of something – … Continue reading

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