‘UFO’ shot down over Israel

Jerusalem (CNN) — The Israeli Air Force shot down an unidentified flying object over the Dimona nuclear plant in the Negev Desert Thursday, the Israel Defense Forces said.

The object appeared in a designated no-fly zone, the air force was scrambled and the object was shot down, the IDF said.

The object could have been a party balloon, the IDF said, but forces have not yet found the debris to determine what it was.

Historically UFOs have always been drawn to nuclear facilities, a tradition began in the USA in the late 1940s and continues in the Middle East today, with UFOs sporadically seen over Iran’s burgeoning nuclear facilities. As an aside, Wikipedia has some interesting details of illnesses and alleged human experimentation at the almost 50-year old Dimona site.

Precious few more details at CNN – including that one of their own planes was shot down near the plant in 1967, killing the pilot. 

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8 Responses to ‘UFO’ shot down over Israel

  1. LJ says:

    This is off topic but the radio show you did last week where you played part of an interview with Guy Lyon Playfair- is that going to be a regular thing? Are episodes going to be archived? I thought it was a pretty good show. Wish you would play the entire Playfair interview though.

  2. LOLWTF says:

    I’ll believe it when I see the debris.

    • there seems to be no follow up story to this incident, and I have tried to find out what actually happened. I have security clearance with the Air Force, and that story just faded into the woodwork.

  3. AdrianS says:

    Maybe a Persian on a magic carpet?

  4. Joseph G. Mitzen says:

    Isn’t the far most likely explanation that it was a spy UAV?

  5. PurrlGurrl says:

    Surveillance drone.

  6. Taf says:

    This seems like an odd little story considering it emerged solely from an IDF press release (followed by complete silence). It’s as if the story was an, um, trial balloon itself and they were using it to check how much and what kind of attention the news item would get?

    By the way, Mark, I’ve just finished Mirage Men and thoroughly enjoyed it! It was lots of fun to read and I thought it was finally a book that broke through the tired old UFO analysis and seemed to solve the puzzle. Thanks!

  7. Luther Blissett says:

    Now this…


    I’m a fortean guy, but not a UFO buff – any semi-informed thoughts on this?

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