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Duck! It’s the Discopter…

Alexanger Weygers (1901-1989) initially trained as an engineer in the Netherlands before moving to America in 1931, where he began to make a name for himself as a sculptor in California. In 1941 he joined the US Army and worked … Continue reading

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Our Space Age, 1967

Over at his excellent John Keel blog, Doug Skinner has posted a series of wonderful comics called Our Space Age. This one seems entirely appropriate to Mirage Men. Writes Doug: written by Otto Binder and illustrated by Carl Pfeufer, was distributed by … Continue reading


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Mirage Men at Unconvention 2010

I’ll be returning to the Fortean Times Unconvention this year to present an all-singing, all-dancing audio-visual talk, ‘The Abuses of Enchantment’. Mark shows how military and intelligence operators have shaped and exploited beliefs in UFOs, ghosts, monsters, vampires, and elements … Continue reading

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Mirage Men control the horizontal…

A classic, not-a-little topical episode of Leslie Stevens’ The Outer Limits, originally broadcast on 30 September, 1963. The story closely echoes the plot of Bernard Newman’s The Flying Saucer, published in 1948 and discussed at some length in Mirage Men. Newman’s … Continue reading

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Mirage Men get Wired

Science and technology writer David Hambling interviewed me recently for… Mark Pilkington’s new book Mirage Men is a dizzying ride through a world of deception, manipulation and psychological warfare by intelligence agencies. Working in the field of UFO phenomena, … Continue reading

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Orfeo Angelucci’s acid test?

One of the wilder stories told in Mirage Men is that of former Agency for International Development translator Bosco Nedelcovic. Nedelcovic claimed that in 1957 he took part in a CIA operation to conduct tests on a Brazilian Farmer, Antonio … Continue reading

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Under the radar: Airgeep

First flown in 1958, this is the wonderful US Army Airgeep. {NB Apologies for lack of regular posts at the moment, but I’ve been very busy with another project. I’ve got a stack of fascinating Mirage Men related material to … Continue reading

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