Top ten UFO books at the Guardian

Guardian Books asked me to compile my ten favourite UFO books. I love many more than ten so it was a tricky task and, as is only right, the selection is more a reflection of my own idiosyncratic interests than it is a definitive guide.

It was a fun and interesting exercise, however, and I think the list manages to represent both some solid, obvious choices as well as a couple of outsiders that either deserve to be better known, or accurately reflect the UFO field in all its many colours.

As I selected titles I also realised how many of them reflect the aspects of the UFO literature that I most enjoy and wanted to squeeze into Mirage Men.

Read the list here, and do post your thoughts or suggestions for other books in the comments section on this site.

Guardian Books Top Ten: UFOs

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Author of 'Mirage Men' & 'Far Out' and publisher/editor at Strange Attractor Press.
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3 Responses to Top ten UFO books at the Guardian

  1. Steve says:

    Great selection, read eight of those, must look out for the Trickster and Communion one now.

    I might have picked Operation Trojan Horse for the Keel book over Mothman, but the later has more entertainment value for sure. How about John Michell’s Flying Saucer Vision or for some deep esoterica Tansley’s Omens of Awareness. I also quite liked Bennett’s American Demonology. Then there’s Fuller’s Interrupted Journey and all those Brad Steiger books 🙂

  2. Steve says:

    Added a few thoughts on the Grauniad page, including a traditional typo…

  3. Request Beer says:

    Dreamlands by Phil Patton, is a fav of mine. Details his journey through, and history of Area 51, meeting the strange characters that inhabit tha shadowy world, and is a perfect companion piece to Mirage Men.

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