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‘First Contact’ Incident Response Team

A wryly-named US organisation, the National Security Counselors, has begun firing Freedom of Information requests at military, government and intelligence agencies responsible for national security. Their aim is to: acquire from the government material related to national security matters and distribute … Continue reading


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Mirage Men, kindle edition

Mirage Men is now available for Kindle, via Amazon. Meanwhile, I’m reliably informed by a deep insider source that a holographic, three dimensional edition, based on back-engineered ET technology, is coming ‘soon’.

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The Fresto Air Ray

Words fail… And they come in USO flavour too: [Via UK UFO list]

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Dazed and ConUFOsed

Writing about UFOs and disinformation lead me to some places I would never have expected to find myself, but the pages, or web pages anyway, of Dazed & Confused magazine certainly take the biscuit. Actually this interview was a bit different … Continue reading

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Nicholas Roerich’s UFO

On 5 August 1927, the philosopher-artist Nicholas Roerich (left) – who, amongst many other things, designed the sets and costumes for Igor Stavinsky’s infamous first 1913 performance of the Rite of Spring in Paris – was trekking in the Himalayas when … Continue reading

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Mirage Men of Dune

[artwork by John Schoenherr] After reading here about the Wandering Soul Steve Dewey, co-author of an excellent history of the Warminster UFO saga, In Alien Heat, emailed me to point out the uncanny similarities between the mirage men – PSYOPS … Continue reading

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Vietnam’s Wandering PSYOPS Souls

Out of the night sky came an ominous, warbling whine, like bagpipes punctuated with cymbals. It was Buddhist funeral music – a dissonant dirge cascading from the darkness. Then a snatch of dialogue between a mother and child: “Mother, where … Continue reading

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Top ten UFO books at the Guardian

Guardian Books asked me to compile my ten favourite UFO books. I love many more than ten so it was a tricky task and, as is only right, the selection is more a reflection of my own idiosyncratic interests than it … Continue reading

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