Daily Grail interview

Greg Taylor of the excellent Daily Grail paranormal culture site has published a lengthy e-interview with me about Mirage Men.  We discuss many of the issues emerging from the book – how did John Lundberg and I cope with the paranoia? am I merely a hapless pawn of the secret government? – as well as its background, and I talk more generally about my attitudes towards the UFO subject and forteana in general.

Read it here

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Author of 'Mirage Men' & 'Far Out' and publisher/editor at Strange Attractor Press.
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2 Responses to Daily Grail interview

  1. Hi!

    I noticed in the Daily Grail interview that you mentioned Bob Pratt. Later in his life, he was a co-worker and friend of mine. Is he mentioned in any depth in Mirage Men? I was always fascinated by his approach to UFO reporting.

  2. Steve says:

    Nice interview. Seems we’re not too far apart in our assessment 🙂

    Interesting that comment refers to an experience at 12, same age I saw my first one, and its not the first time I’ve heard that. I’m avoiding spooky speculations though for now lol.

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