Whither UFO Wikileaks?

Over at his blog, the  journalist, folklorist and UFO researcher Dr David Clarke asks what ramifications the recent US military document release to Wikileaks might have on the world of ufology:

Many thousands, if not millions of people across the world, believe the US Government is with-holding evidence that we are not alone in the universe. A central item of this belief is that a flying saucer and its occupants crashed at Roswell, New Mexico, in 1947 and the authorities have concealed that fact for over 60 years.

If there is any truth in these stories hundreds, if not thousands, of people must have been involved in the perpetuation of the cover-up. Foreign governments, such as the Soviet Union during the Cold War, would have learned about the incident and would, therefore, have to be party to the secret. Again, many many people across the world must have been involved in perpetuating the greatest conspiracy in the history of mankind.

David and I saw Wikileaks founder Julian Assange speak in London a few weeks ago and wondered if any material relevant to the UFO story had found its way to his Inbox. The likelihood is that even if genuine internal documentation relating to UFOs did reach Assange, he and his team would probably ignore them, such is the negative stigma attached to the subject, despite the good work of David and others.

I also wondered, in conspiritorial mode, whether bogus UFO material might have found its way to the team with the hope of discrediting them – as suggested in a leaked US military Intelligence document – especially if Assange or someone else in the team had a predisposition towards the subject, which isn’t too far-fetched given his hacker background. Is the world ready for MJ-12 2.0?

Meanwhile,  this thread, over at the anything-goes UFO and conspiracy megaforum Above Top Secret,  gathers together a few anti-Wikileaks threads on that site. With the protracted pretzel-logic of so many within the conspiracy-industry, some pundits, apparently including celebrity-conspiracist Alex Jones, are now stating that Wikileaks is itself part of a CIA disinformation campaign to gain greater governmental control over the Internet.

In a further document-related irony, after making almost all of its UFO files available to the public, largely thanks to the work of David and his team, the MOD is stubbornly keeping its mitts on one particular document… find out more at David Clarke’s web site.

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3 Responses to Whither UFO Wikileaks?

  1. Steve says:

    Some of the ‘Afghangate’ stuff is certainly dubious….

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  3. chris says:

    this would be a good time for usa black project teams to disclose et and etbe information only people interested like me will even look at it but it could give them a feedback wich they sofar dont have

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