Magonia reviews Mirage Men

I’m honoured by this review by John Rimmer from the world’s most insightful UFO journal, Magonia.

When I first began looking seriously at the UFO story in the early 1990s it was Magonia that kept me sane. Drawing, unlike most UFO magazines, on material from psychology, sociology and cultural studies, Magonia provided the necessary breadth of knowledge and understanding to reveal just how fascinating the UFO subject, in all its multifarious forms, really is, and why it is worthy of serious study.

While it’s sceptical perspective is often harder-edged than my own, I would say that for anyone wishing to understand UFO phenomena and their attendant lore and culture, rather than simply read accounts of UFO incidents, Magonia is where you will find the answers.

Read the full review

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Author of 'Mirage Men' & 'Far Out' and publisher/editor at Strange Attractor Press.
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