China’s UFOs a sign of economic prosperity?

An economic take on China’s recent UFO flap from Bruce Watson of Daily Finance

In 2009, China had 11% industrial growth and, according to China Online Daily, the country is working to achieve an equivalent growth rate this year. Such impressive economic development comes at a cost: China’s air quality is the worst in the world, and the lowerYangtze delta — where Hangzhou is located — is among the regions that have been specifically cited for airborne particulates. Add in the horrific dust storms that China had earlier this year, and the effect is an air pollution index that is literally off the charts. While dust in the air wouldn’t cause UFOs, it could exaggerate, blur, or refract commonly-occurring light, creating images that look like light beams and glowing spheres…

Another contributing factor could be the psychological impact of a space program… China has had a space program for decades, but it only recently kicked into overdrive. In 2003, the country launched its first manned spaceflight, a 21-hour orbit of the earth. Four years later, it successfully conducted its first unmanned orbit of the moon, and it plans to conduct a manned landing by 2022. According to some estimates, they could get there by 2017.

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