RIP Father Paul Inglesby

Father Paul, otherwise known as Lieutenant-Commander the Reverend Paul Inglesby, who has died aged 94, held unconventional views on the origin of Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) and once tried to stop the Queen watching Steven Spielberg’s alien film Close Encounters of the Third Kind, claiming it was a satanic plot to seize control of her mind.

In fact, as he described in his book UFOs and the Christian (1978), Inglesby came to believe that, far from being piloted by aliens, UFOs were of satanic origin. He initially developed this view while ill in pre-war Malta, after undergoing a spiritual experience in which he had visions of a future war against demonic forces controlling spaceships and nuclear weapons.

…Besides books on UFOs, Inglesby wrote several religious tracts. He was an inveterate letter writer to The Daily Telegraph, using a typewriter which he had saved from the sinking of Terror. He leaves a large archive of papers relating to his UFO study and a complete set of Flying Saucer Review.

Inglesby described Glastonbury, where he finally settled, as a psychic telephone exchange, and he died there on May 26. He married, in 1956, Anna Duke, who survives him with their two sons and a daughter. From The Daily Telegraph

For more on Father Paul read ‘Flying Saucers from Hell’ by David Clarke, over at Fortean Times


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