Mirage Men, the book

An incredible, complex, fascinating story… I loved it’. Jon Ronson, author of The Men Who Stare At Goats

‘ Totally absorbing – I couldn’t put it down . .. reads like a thriller, or a really good ghost story.’ Andrew Smith, author of Moondust

‘Compulsive reading… the story is labyrinthine and will blow peoples’ minds…’ Andy Roberts, author of Albion Dreaming: A popular History of LSD in Britain

“An objective, cautious and very readable insight into the US UFO scene”: David Clarke, author of Flying Saucerers: A Social History of UFOlogy

On a journey through the badlands and backwaters of America, Mark Pilkington and John Lundberg uncover a 60 year-old story stranger than any conspiracy thriller.  Through the fascinating account of his travels Pilkington reveals the long history of UFOria and its origins in the murky worlds of espionage, psychological warfare and advanced military technology.

As he meets intelligence agents, disinformation specialists and UFO hunters, Pilkington soon discovers that the truth about flying saucers is stranger and more complex than either the ufologists or debunkers would have us believe: instead of covering-up stories of crashed spacecraft, alien contacts and secret underground bases, the US intelligence agencies had been promoting them all along. And, as he gets closer to the source of these rumours, the line between truth and deception begins to disappear. Pilkington is the ideal guide for this voyage deep into America’s mythic heartland.

Mirage Men is available from late July via Amazon UK and Amazon US

About Mark

Author of 'Mirage Men' & 'Far Out' and publisher/editor at Strange Attractor Press.
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