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Author of 'Mirage Men' & 'Far Out' and publisher/editor at Strange Attractor Press.

The Abuses of Enchantment

  Here’s a video of a presentation I gave for Dr David Luke’s ‘Ecology, Cosmos and Consciousness’ lecture series at London’s October Gallery in February 2011. The talk incorporates and expands upon some of the ideas outlined in Mirage Men. … Continue reading

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Mr Janus: The spaceman who came to tea

…in addition to being disturbed by the realization that Janus was reading his mind, he was even more disturbed by the fact that this extraordinary man ‘knew all Britain’s top-secret nuclear secrets’…. [Horsley was convinced that] they come from another … Continue reading

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Iranian space tech brought down US drone?

 [AFP] In a topical variant of the super-weapon myth discussed in Mirage Men,  an Iranian scientist with a background in nuclear reactor technology claims that the US RQ-170 drone, allegedly brought down over Iran on 4 December 2011, was captured … Continue reading

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Pinochet buzzed by UFO?

One for the very interesting if true dept, from Inexplicata: Mexico’s NOTIMEX news agency published an interesting news item yesterday: a statement by Spanish UFO researcher / novelist J.J. Benítez suggesting that former Chilean strongman Augusto Pinochet’s estancia was visited … Continue reading

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Japanese spherical drone

With material costs of about £1000 per unit, this incredibly maneuvrable UAV could make for a great surveillance tool or perhaps an upmarket big boys’ toy. I wonder if it might be related to the spherical flying somethings that I … Continue reading

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RIP Gabe Valdez

Gabriel ‘Gabe’ Valdez  passed away in his sleep at home in Albuquerque, New Mexico aged 67, on 7 August. Here he is on the right, alongside our mutual friend Project Beta author Greg Bishop. Retired for some years, Gabe was a much-respected … Continue reading

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Mirage Men at dorkbot #75, 15 July 2011

dorkbotlondon #75 When: 19:00-22:00, 15 July 2011 Where: Victoria & Albert Museum, Cromwell Road, London, SW7 2RL (directions below) Featuring the scientific and slightly irrational… Automatically generating dubstep - Dan Stowell e-Material Girl - Rain Ashford some examples of my adventures exploring … Continue reading

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Marketing the saucers, Mirage Men style

March 1950: was the USAF testing the limits of belief with a far-out flying saucer lecture at a Colorado University? Continue reading

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BUFORA conference, 2 July 2011

I’ll be speaking at the British UFO Research Association conference on 2 July, along with Nick Pope and Andy Roberts. Continue reading

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Aliens and the Imagination 28 June, British Library

On 28 June I’ll be on a panel as part of the British Library’s excellent ‘Out of This World’ science fiction exhibition, alongside Dr David Clarke, Brian Appleyard, Monsters director Gareth Edwards and others Continue reading

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